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R... Rajkumar Movie Review | R... Rajkumar Exclusive Movie Review | R... Rajkumar Movie Story | R... Rajkumar Movie Rating | R... Rajkumar Movie Hit Or Flop | R... Rajkumar Movie Box Office Collections

R... Rajkumar Movie Review | R... Rajkumar Exclusive Movie Review | R... Rajkumar Movie Story | R... Rajkumar Movie Rating | R... Rajkumar Movie Hit Or Flop | R... Rajkumar Movie Box Office Collections 

Prabhu Deva who recently gave a disaster with the ‘Ramaiya Vatsavaiya’ has balanced himself with R Rajkumar, which has the quantum of energy to just not disappoint the masala movie goers. R Rajkumar ealier known as Rambo Rajkumar, is an action packed movie. R Rajkumar is a visually striking, stylized and persuasively real film. Though screenplay lacks many things and you will criticise the execution of the events, which reels on the screen tapping your heads but still undoubtedly you will favour the level of maturity that Shahid has gained in his act with this flick where he plays Rajkumar.

R… Rajkumar is incontrovertible proof that Prabhu Dheva has been hit by the law of diminishing returns. A violent action film that has been designed to give Shahid Kapoor a tough-guy makeover, R… Rajkumar is weighed down by just the kind of music-and-machismo formula that worked for Wanted and Rowdy Rathore, but has now lost its edge. The lead actor here possesses neither the in-your-face insouciance of Salman Khan nor the earthy swagger of Akshay Kumar. He labours very hard indeed to fit the bill. The effort shows to such an extent that his one-man demolition squad act never manages to break free and acquire a life of its own.

Rajkumar (Shahid) is a street smart orphan guy who comes to Dhartipur, a dreaded place ruled by two drug mafias. The purpose of his visit is however established towards the end of the film but it doesn’t convince you at all. The moment Rajkumar steps into Dhartipur, he sees the two warring gangs headed by Shivraj (Sonu Sood) and Parmar (Ashish Vidyarthi) indulge in a gun battle. Here he comes across the love of his life- Chanda (Sonakshi Sinha) - who he tries to save from fierce bullets.

Chanda is Parmar’s niece and quite a courageous girl who doesn’t fear roughing up men who tease her. For some reason, it takes forever for Shivraj to also set his eyes on Chanda even though he’s been living in the same town (and Rajkumar sees her every other minute at every other place). Once he also starts coveting her, Rajkumar is not conflicted about his loyalties—he must take on his boss and various henchmen to get his girl. Unexpected song and dance numbers nudge their way into the film, though only one of them, “Sari ke fall sa”, is shot and choreographed innovatively. Romeo Rajkumar has no coherent back story. He appears from nowhere and begins to mess with two rival opium growers in a village called Dhartipur. He joins the gang of one of the two baddies, Shivraj (Sonu Sood), and falls in love with the comely niece of the other Ashish Vidyarth

`R...Rajkumar’ is a vague attempt to produce a film with a variety of emotions, but sadly you will find no trace of any kind of emotion, not even humour. The filmmaker has failed to make even a single moment where the movie viewer connects to any of the movie characters. For instance, in the climax action sequence, Rajkumar gets badly beaten up by Shivraj. Instead of empathising with the hero getting roughed up so miserably, the audience seems to be waiting for the “drama” to end. Kapoor, who seems to be on a mission to shed his chocolate hero image with some action and comedy, tries hard but this is not a film that will help him achieve his goals. Sinha plays it like she does, but is charming enough for the role. Both sportingly handle digs taken on respective height and weight. Sood, whose accent keeps changing with every scene, tries repeating his role from Dabangg.

The hero keeps making passes at her until she gives in to his amorous advances. The villain, too, covets her. And her evil uncle pushes her around. A helpless pawn in a male world, she grins and bears it. Sonakshi Sinha plays the poor little rich girl with all the conviction at her command.  Truth be told, she is about the only bright spot in this distressingly dismal film, but nothing that the lady is allowed to do is good enough to prevent R… Rajkumar from disintegrating into the massive mess that it turns out to be.  The hero calls his lady love Lollypop. But expect no sweet delights. For the film, on its part, is pure poppycock. The only place that it should be heading to is the cleaners.

Movie Rating : 1/5


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